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Promotional Announcement Recording

In-Store Advertising & Branding

Now just $50 per message.

It has never been easier to integrate in-store advertising into the background audio at your business. Promotional announcements will automatically play between songs at regular interval which you can set for each location from the control panel.

Any mp3 file shorter than 30 seconds in length (recommended) can be uploaded and played as a promotional message. Alternatively, you can send us a script which we can produce into an announcement for a one-time nominal fee.

How to Order a Recording

You can place your order for a promotional message recording either by calling us directly at 1 (888) 650-4441 or by sending us an email. Please be sure to have the following elements prepared:

• A finalized script with the exact phrasing desired for the announcement

• An idea of what background music, if any, you would like to accompany the recording (a genre, not a specific track)

• A valid credit card on file, which can be managed from the billing page.

Listen to a Sample


Due to the creative nature of audio production, we cannot guarantee that every produced announcement will always completely match what our customers had imagined. This is not usually a problem and we always make every effort to clearly understand a customer's intention before producing an announcement. However, if we are unable to meet the needs of our most discerning customers, there is also the option of having the announcement recorded by a private contractor and then uploaded to our system as an mp3.